Dealing with Everday Loneliness

Loneliness has been one of my biggest struggles with depression.


Sometimes I feel like it is very hard to be able to explain your loneliness to someone, Especially because you could be lonely in a crowd of people. Overall this can be an overwhelming and hard to explain experience.

When you feel lonely, you feel empty. You feel as if there is no one around you who could help relieve this feeling. Admitting to being lonely might make you feel weak, and helpless. But being able to recognize this familiar and debilitating feeling is one step of the way to finding out how to help fix it.

Growing up, I never had many friends, so both imaginary and the feeling of loneliness became very familiar to me. Even though I was at such a young and tender age.

A feeling that I really still have trouble beginning to understand is being lonely when in a crowded room. Personally, this is the worst kind of loneliness. I believe that this happens typically when the people around you are not giving you the support that you need. Even though these people may care about you and may have good intentions, they might not understand.

It’s important being able to understand why you are lonely. Did you recently loose a friend or loved one? going through a break up? struggling with depression? These are all major factors to consider when identifying this feeling.

I’ve learned many different coping skills that have given me the ability to combat my loneliness. Some being, reading, calling a good friend, and simply finding different way to keep my mind busy.

In most cases, people who feel a sense of chronic loneliness, struggle with depression. Especially since isolating yourself is a symptom of depression.

If you are someone who feels lonely on a regular basis, it’s important to have a plan on how you are going to handle this feeling.

lonelinessWriting down exactly what you are feeling, then expressing it to someone

This always helps me. I’ve always been a bit of a writing, but the second part of this can be a bit hard but its the most important. When you are feeling alone, letting it sit there can make it worse. So finding someone supportive to express these feeling is crucial.


Everyone knows this to be true. One of the best ways to combat loneliness to sit down with or even talk to a pet. Their my favorite best friends!

Call a good friend or family member

This one goes without saying, and may be the most helpful one on this list.

Using your own personal coping skills

We all have our own personal (healthy) methods of coping and making ourselves happy. Such as reading or coloring. These ones are always available to you as well!

Something to remember: The state of loneliness is something that can be changed, if you want it too. The more you let it sit the worse you are letting it get.

Get involved with your mental health and personal well being. It may be hard to begin, but it’s something that you can’t regret. Go out there and be active when comes down to keeping yourself in a healthy state of mind!

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Successes and Fails and Dealing with them

Talking about both successes and fails can be kind of a vague topic, but I’m going to try to dive deep and see what’s behind both my successes and my fails. Is it motivation? my mood? Or just pure luck?


Honestly I’m not sure, but I’d like to share to try to motivate everyone out there

I think my biggest success was actually getting out there and starting this blog. I never thought I’d become a writer for a blog, or of any kind for that matter. But here I am writing this post. My 2 biggest fears with starting a blog were, simply failing, or getting judged. I think in my short time blogging, I’ve experienced both, but only on the side of motivation, happiness, and support. Of course I’ve tried writing a post and completely couldn’t do it, or someone has said to me “You have a blog?….why..?”

I’m hesitant to share my posts sometimes, I’m afraid that I’ll be judged. Overtime I’ve learned that most people, if they are true friends of yours, will support you and cheer you on through your journey as a blogger, whether that be big or small.

Another success of mine is learning to be myself. I’ve always have some trouble with this throughout my life. I was bullied as a child, at school and at home. This basically taught me to contain myself in a bottle without causing a bother to anyone around me.

I didn’t learn to express myself until recently. At the time I was fed up and finally moving into a new environment with new people, so I let loose. I went a little crazy at first but soon I got myself together and I found out who I really was inside and what I wanted to make of myself.

If I put all my successes to the side, then I have my fails.

Which honestly are all very little things that somehow manage to bother me throughout the day. Such as saying something embarrassing, or writing a not so great blog post. They aren’t super serious issues but I feel like they add up.

Dealing with the little things can be hard. I’ve learned how to overcome little embarrassments.

The best advice I’ve given myself, which I’ve mentioned in past posts, was that what happens today won’t matter in 10 years. Or possibly even in 2 weeks. I pretty much live by this advice. I seem to embarrass myself quite a lot at times or mess up in tiny ways at work and such. Once I began to realize how after some time these things didn’t matter, I saw an improvement.

I’m proud of myself, how I’ve grown and where I’m going. The biggest thing I’ve realized through my fails and successes was that everything is a learning experience.

I know that we only live once and everything I’ve done, I have learned something. I wouldn’t trad that for anything

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Top 5 best Articles on Overcoming Mental Illness

download.jpgDo you need a motivation or pick me up? I’ve been searching around the internet for article about overcoming mental illness. I usually like to read these type of stories when I’m feeling a bit down. So I’ve put together my 5 personal favorites and I’m excited to share them. These stories are both motivating and powerful and I hope that you guys enjoy reading them.

  1. Right here is an older story about how a man dealt with his schizophrenia, even though its older it still has the same inpact reading it. Maurizio Baldini’s story

  2. This is a great success story. This person talks about how reaching out to PHS gave them much support. Success story

  3. I love this story. It’s about a family member who should have reached for help. It’s kind of a sad one, but holds a very valuable and strong meaning. Dans story

  4. This short story is on the same website as the last, but very different. They use an accurate metaphor to describe their depression and anxiety. Steph’s story

  5. This blog post is about celebrities who have overcame their mental illness. I think it’s especially important to read celebrity stories because they try to portray their lives as being so perfect, but in reality, just like everyone else, they are people too. Celebrity Stories


I hope that you all enjoyed these short stories. I’m sorry for this article being a bit short, I’m dealing with some computer issues so I had to be a bit quick! But be sure to stay tuned for my journal prompt on Tuesday!

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20 Free Self Care Tips to use Right Now!

2960305500_055085cd28_zSelf Care is very important. I learned about self care and ways to positively release stress about a year ago. (I know, took me long enough). Since then I’ve been making huge efforts to take care of myself for my mental well-being.

Taking a few minutes out of your day to take care of yourself will help you focus more on you, feel better and more connected to yourself. Always try to put yourself on the top of your priority list. (This is also something I’m working on).

Here are my 20 free tips for self care so you can be the healthiest you! You can take off or add whatever you’d like to this list to make it your own!

1. Get up. Great ready- Getting out of bed may be hard but getting up and getting ready for the day will feel great.

2. Go out for a walk- Get some fresh air. Go to a nice neighborhood and take a stroll!

3. Read a book- I love reading! It’s one of my favorite hobbies!

4. Color- I actually have like five-ish coloring books!

5. Netflix and chill- Not in the dirty way! Like literal Netflix and chilling!

6. Write-  I write down legit everything. Filling up notebooks like crazy!

7. Watch some childhood favorite movies- Remember all those Disney movies you used to love? Look some up!

8. Cook something “fancy” with only what you have in your kitchen right now.

9. Sit in the grass outside- Be mindful and pay attention to whats around you and get some fresh air.

10. Organize something in your house!– My close is my current project!

11. Count your blessings- Make a list of everything you are grateful for!

12. Set some goals- Try to complete some of the goals that you can today!

13. Make some art- It doesn’t even have to be good art!

14. If you have pets, spend some time with them- I’m writing this with a foster kitten on my lap right now!

15. Make a healthy diet plan- Thinking of doing a blog post on this too, what do you guys think?

16. Watch the clouds! 

17. Invite a friend over- Find some good company to chill out with.

18. Read motivational stories about how other overcame mental illness!

19. Write a list of everything you love about yourself!

20. Take some time off social media- Social media can be toxic at times with all the drama and scary, controversial news. So sometimes it’s best to take a break from all that.

I hope you guys find these helpful. Make your own list of self care tips at home if you can! Feel free to use any of these.

If you are feeling as if you are in a crisis and need immediate help, please call the suicide hotline at 1 (800) 273-8255 or consult your therapist. I promise you things will get better.

Thank you for reading this! Feel free to leave feedback or contact me!




Don’t let anyone ruin your day!

7695374602_85bfeeb7f4Something that may be hard
to see is the fact that you have the choice to not let others ruin your day. It’s different to ignore the negative minds of others, especially when they are someone who you are close too.

We all know people who are like this. They simply are just negative and they put all of their bad thoughts onto other people. Sometimes on purpose, and other times they don’t even realize what they are doing. They could just be having a bad day, so they are acting out on their emotions.

But you could be having a great day. And all those little negative comments could slowly ruin your day, to the point where you are miserable. Why does this happen? How can we prevent situations like this?

When you are feeling like someone is bringing you down,

  • You can just tell them kindly something along the lines of: “I’m sorry you feel this way, But I disagree.”
  • you can just walk away.
  • If they are a friend of yours, or someone who you really care about, you could ask them whats wrong and see if you could help. That would be a win-win for both of you!!

But if they do not deserve your time, then don’t give it to them.

Remember if you feel someone negatively affecting you, stop and think about it. Think about whether or not its even worth getting upset over. And remember how you felt before they made any comments. You should never let someone else ruin your mood. Always make yourself your number one priority. download

These people are having their own issues that they have to deal with. You do not deserve to carry their burdens. They arent going to become your problem if you don’t let them become your problem.

Life has it’s up’s and downs. There will be many days and many people like this that you will come across. Once you get into the habit of not letting others bring you down, and you take full control of all your emotions. You will feel so much greater. Your days will be fabulous!

Right now, you should make a promise to yourself to not let any negative people ruin your day. Start off your days with this mindset and things will get better. It can be hard at first, but the effort is always worth it.

“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.”
Joel Osteen

If  you guys want to read an article on negative thoughts, which kind of goes hand in hand with this post, check it out HERE!!

Thank you so much for reading!! I Hope you guys enjoyed. You can leave any feedback that you have in the comments or you can contact me here:)

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P.S. Have an amazing day!


Journal Prompt: When do you feel most connected to yourself?

SO, here is my third journal prompt! trying to get the hang of writing once every week 🙂journal

But I really like this prompt, it’s something that makes me happy to think and write about. I hope you guys feel the same way about it, and are able to use the prompt in your own writing/journal

when do you feel most connected to yourself?

I feel the most connected to myself when I’m working with and help animals. They are my life, my passion, my world.

I believe it’s very important to feel connected to yourself. But I didn’t really think much of it before I found my passion. I was 15 and planning to drop out of high school when I started volunteering at an animal shelter. That opportunity opened a new set of doors for me.

I don’t know where I would be right now if I never realized how much I love working with animals. Especially cats. Now I foster, and work with several organizations to rescue pets!

I’ve found that I have a deep connection with all of the cats I work with. (You can call me a crazy cat lady all you want!) But this has become my motivation to keep going in life, even when things are rough. I always have something to look forward too everyday.

This is when I feel most connected to myself, when I’m doing what I love.

I love what I do and I plan to keep doing this for the rest of my life.

I’m curious to know when you guys feel most connected to yourselves.I would love to hear some responses! If you are unsure, finding your passion might just be the answer.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave feedback or contact me Here.



8 Simple Poems to Brighten your Day

Poetry is beautiful, right? I think everyone could agree. Lately I’ve been looking up quitesimple poems.png a bit of poetry on pinterest and other sites and I have a few that I like more than others. These 8 simple poems will surely make your day better!

1. Love is better than hate – Poppy Coke

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,
love is better than hate.

Life’s too short to waste opportunities
you have the chance to take.

One day you could be alive and the next you could be dead,
so keep your head held high with a big smile on your face!” -Poppy coke

 2. Life is beautiful – Andy Cave

“A flower blossoms as a bird sings its song
life is beautiful but it doesn’t last long,
so enjoy it while it’s here, don’t wait till it’s gone
or you might miss the flowers and the birds lovely songs” -Andy cave

 3. The Butterfly – Rich Hunter

“The butterfly is a thing to behold,
with colors more beautiful than gold.Flying hour by hour,
going from flower to flower.Oh, how I enjoy your beauty butterfly,
as I sit and watch you flutter by.” -Rich Hunter

4. Never look Back – Christina Renee Donnal

“Never look back at your past,
The past is the past,
and nothing at last,

Look into the future,
for what you might see,
is you and me forever.” – Christina Renee Donnal

5. Happiness – Sri Chinmoy

“The mind chases happiness.
The heart creates happiness.

The soul is happiness
And it spreads happiness
All-where.” – Sri Chinmoy

6. A Word to Husbands – Ogden Nash

“To keep your marriage brimming
With love in the loving cup,

Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;
Whenever you’re right, shut up.” -Ogden Nash

7. Risk – Anais Nin

“And then the day came,
when the risk
to remain tight
in a bud
was more painful
than the risk
it took
to Blossom.” – Anais Nin

8. I love you – (Author Unknown)

 What is a flower without the sun?
What is the earth without the sky?
What is life without fun?
What am I without you?
This is why I tell you,
I love you.

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading these simpl poems, and I hope some of them offered a mood boost! Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback you may have!- Rosie


What I Learned from Getting Demoted from my First Job

My first job was in the customer service industry, as most teenagers jobs. Since this was my first job, getting demoted made me feel awful. My most demanding task was having to talk to customers and serve them. I was also in a some what high end restaurant, so they were pretty uptight about employee performance. “The customer is always right.” Good morning demoted

But I had social anxiety, and this was my first job, so my shifts didn’t always go so well. I would constantly rehearse what I was supposed to say but when I was face to face with a customer, I would freeze.

Other than that issue, I thought I was doing a good job. I enjoyed working there, I loved my coworkers, and I was payed pretty well for a first job. I made mistakes sometimes, as everyone does, but no one said that I was doing THAT poorly.

Then I was in my managers office, crying. I was super embarrassed, I was especially embarrassed for crying. I felt like a failure and I wondered what I did wrong, I really wanted to stand up for myself, I was too ashamed to though.

My work gave me an ultimatum, I could accept the lesser position or I could leave. I obviously wanted to keep my job, so I accepted the offer. Now that I’m a bit older, and more experienced in the work industry, I’m glad I got demoted. It gave me a place to learn and grow from and I’ll explain why.

mistakes demoted1.It’s okay to make mistakes:

I feel as if everyone tells you this throughout your life, but it takes a lot to actually believe it. I always was okay when others made mistakes, but I never accepted my own mistakes. When I stopped dwelling on all my mistakes and I started realizing that it was okay, I felt happier. I also felt as if my work performance was getting better as well. Since I wasn’t so uptight.

2. Ask for performance reviews/Understanding why:

I always get nervous before asking the simple question of “How have I been doing recently” But doing this can help you understand why you were originally demoted and how you can grow from any mistakes you are making and fix them.

3. Always room for improvement:

There is always room to improve. Don’t let this fact get you down, it doesn’t mean you aren’t doing well already. It just means you can always be a better version of what you are. This kind of goes with asking for a performance review.

4. Being patient and taking the text steps:

You might enjoy your new position, for me I never left my job, I took it in stride and ended up getting paid more in the long run. After you spend more time at this job, and you get your head around how everything works, you may be given another chance. Or you may be able to ask to move back up after some time.

5. Feel free to ask for help

It’s okay to ask for help. My biggest help was my coworkers who I could go to when I was stumped or needed support. You don’t need to ask your coworkers either. You can also go to your family and friends for some advice and help as well.

6. It’s okay if you want to look for another job:demoted opportunity

I thought about getting another job after getting demoted, and I looked even though I wound up staying at this job. But if you feel as if your work is being unfair to you, you obviously have every right to leave and find a new job. Don’t go around telling every at your job that you are planning on leaving though, just do it on the down low and whenever the time is right, put your two weeks in.

If you feel like you’ve been wrongfully demoted-

If you feel like you have been wrongfully demoted, You definitely have the right to report this to HR if you have the documentation.

There’s a lot that I’ve learned from this experience. I’m glad that it happened this way though, and I don’t have any regrets for how things have went. Go with your gut feeling and do what you feel is best for your situation. Be proud of yourself for getting this far.
I hope that you all have enjoyed reading this post and is helpful to anyone who is in or has been in a similar situation.

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and leave feedback and comments!



Staying Active to Fight Depression

active depressionWhen you are struggling with depression it’s easy to stay in bed all day. But getting up and being active might be exactly what you might need. Staying psychically active can even help you sleep better on the side of boosting your mood!

You don’t have to do any extreme/crazy exercise either. It can be as simple as walking around your block. It’s even easier to get started if you are able to find something you enjoy, such as a sport or a yoga/dance class. It’s simple and easy, any kind of psychical activity can be used!

Start slow-

Don’t rush into it or push yourself too hard. The morning is when I tend to feel most depressed, it was a bit hard at first, but getting up just 10 minutes earlier to go for a quick walk or do some quick stretches made a huge difference. Eventually I was able to make that into 15 minutes, then 20. Soon I was able to join a gym and fit even more time into my day for psychical activity. There was no way I could have started off by going to the gym an hour a day at first, that would have made me very over whelmed. So moving slowly was key.images

Recently my favorite way to stay active is going to the tennis court with my boyfriend. Neither of us actually know how to play tennis, but we have tons of fun just hitting the ball back and forth!

Find a Exercise Buddy!

This can be crucial. If you have someone to exercise with, you will be more apt to going out there and actually doing it. It might even makes things more fun! If you know someone who has a gym membership and can bring a guest, just ask if  you could tag along with them sometime! You might have a lot of fun!

Do it Anyway-

If you are really deep in your depression and you find yourself really not wanting to be active one, try to just get up do it anyways. Even if it’s just for five minutes. It might just turn your day around. It may be easier to just stay in bed, but it definitely won’t make you feel any better.

The Science Part!

If you’re wondering exactly why exercising can help with depression, the reason would be the chemicals in your brain. Your brain sends out positive endorphin’s throughout the body, which can release anxiety and make you feel better. When you regularly exercise, overtime you will notice that you may be sleeping better, have less stress, and it can even boost your self esteem! All of these can turn your life in a full 360!

depression strength
Remember to be patient with yourself as well. You might not see immediate results and that is okay. Things like this take time, and at the end of the day when everything is all said and done, you may realize that you made a great choice. Take things slow and show yourself love!




Please feel free to leave comments on feedback and how you use exercise to help with your daily life!

Grateful For 50 Things : A Journal Prompt of The Week

First and foremost I just wanted to tell everyone I’ve recently decided to start posting weekly journal prompts to my blog.  By doing this I hope to not only give you guys a journal prompt that you can do on your own, but also answer the journal prompt on my own as well. My hopes are that this will give you guys an opportunity to take the ideas for a journal as well as being able to get to know me. Today I want to write about the things that I am grateful for today, and I want to see for myself if I can come up with at least 50, so without further adieu…

Here are the things I’m grateful for:

Being Grateful Quote

  1. Family and friends who are always there
  2. My job
  3. This blog, and its reader
  4. Being able to do what I love
  5. Having a roof over my head
  6. My education
  7. All the great people I’ve met over the years
  8. The animal shelter I volunteer at
  9. Every amazing book I’ve ever read
  10. My car
  11. Being healthy
  12. The internet
  13. Cats and Animals
  14. Money!!
  15. My mom being my best friend
  16. Good food!
  17. Traveling
  18. Hugs and cuddles
  19. Fresh and clean water!!
  20. Being able to go for long walks
  21. The Gym
  22. Clothes and fashion
  23. My cell phone and Phone service
  24. Being able to document moments by taking photos
  25. Indian food!
  26. Movies!
  27. Going out to eat
  28. Being able to see, smell, and hear/ use all my senses
  29. Thrift stores
  30. Free samples
  31. Coloring
  32. A good nights sleep
  33. Summer and spring weather
  34. Being generious
  35. Having fun
  36. Going to the beach
  37. Trees and flowers
  38. Emotions
  39. The mistakes I’ve made that taught me how to grow
  40. Cooking!
  41. Where I live
  42. My support system
  43. Colors of the rainbow
  44. Things that smell nice
  45. Smoothies!
  46. Hiking!
  47. Sitting by a warm fire at night
  48. Music
  49. Clean Laundry


50. Being able to have gratitude!

It can be a little hard to find what you are grateful for, but once you get going you realize all the things in your life that you have that you might have originally taken for granted! For further posts about looking at the glass half full check out my article on 10 simple ways to boost your self-esteemLastly, and as always, thank you so much for reading; consider leaving a question, comment, or critique in the comments section.

With much love in my heart,