101 Reasons to be Happy

Hi everyone!

happy on dockWe all love to be happy, it’s always great to keep track of everything that makes you happy. So I created a list for everyone to brighten your day! You can always look back on this list in the future if you are feeling down!

101 Reasons to be happy
  1.  Someone loves you!
  2. You have the ability to smile!
  3. You are alive and breathing.
  4. The stars in the sky.
  5. If you are happy, you set the example for others to be happy.
  6. Pets! All kinds of pets, cats, dogs, rats, spiders, fish, All of them!

  7. You have a bed to sleep in and food to eat.
  8. You made it through school, and for those who are still in school, you will make it through!
  9. Walking on a sandy beach.
  10. Giving and receiving gifts on Christmas!
  11. You have the power to be mindful, and live in the moment.
  12. Nice, hot bubble baths!
  13. You have the internet!
  14. There’s a lot of people who spread love in this world!
  15. Everyday is a day to start anew.
  16. Cuddling exists.
  17. Walking through some soft grass without shoes.
  18. Great desserts! (Especially cakes and ice cream!)
  19. You have family members in this world.
  20. You have the ability to love.
  21. Nice warm weather.
  22. Watching the clouds and making shapes out of them.
  23. You get to wear comfy clothes whenever possible.
  24. Listening to your favorite music to cheer yourself up.
  25. Seeing a baby giggle.
  26. Cuddling a purring kitten.
  27. Petting a happy dog.be happy be bright
  28. Seeing old couples who still have a spark.
  29. Books and bookstores exist.
  30. Changing into dry warm clothes after shoveling snow outside.
  31. Getting good news!
  32. Drinking cold water after a dehydrating run.
  33. Having great friends.
  34. Going out for a long drive.
  35. Being in good health
  36. Remembering you have leftovers to eat from a great meal the night before.
  37. Wrapping gifts for a friend on a special occasion
  38. Waking up and having a great breakfast.
  39. People who care about you are out there.
  40. Freshly shaved legs/face.
  41. Being able to do volunteer work.
  42. Getting a winning lottery ticket. (Even if it’s for only 5 dollars!)
  43. Giving and receiving hugs and kisses.
  44. Binge watching a great show.
  45. Having a good cry and letting it all out.
  46. Pulling a warm blanket out of the dryer.
  47. You made a difference in this world by being here.
  48. You are so much smarter than you believe
  49. Falling in love.
  50. You are safe.happy in grass
  51. If you are unhappy, you are wasting your time and energy doing so.
  52. Dressing up in costumes and getting candy on Halloween.
  53. Looking back on great memories.
  54. Having the ability to go back to school.
  55. Being able to develop a new hobby!
  56. If you happy, you’re more likely to be kind.
  57. Having the ability to read.
  58. Having all five senses.
  59. Watching good movies with good people.
  60. Watching the stars at night.
  61. There are people who want you to be happy.
  62. Having a roof over your head.
  63. Taking a refreshing nap.
  64. Going out for walks in the woods.
  65. That new car smell. (And that old car smell too!)
  66. You impacted someones life in some way.
  67. You have goals to complete!
  68. Trust me, You look so much better smiling!
  69. You learned from your past mistakes.
  70. Everyday has the chance to be the best day of your life.
  71. Seeing a shooting star.
  72. Someone smiles at you everyday.
  73. You have someone in your life who supports you.
  74. You are a good person.
  75. Putting your foot down and saying no.
  76. Stretching out your back after sitting for a long time.
  77. Hearing different accents.
  78. Being able to learn a new language.
  79. Paying all your bills on time.
  80. You deserve to be happy.
  81. Lazy rivers at water parks.
  82. You will never to be alone.
  83. Counting your blessings!
  84. Humans have walked on the moon!
  85. Opening fortune cookies!
  86. You’ve made it through your struggles.
  87. Everything you’re going through now will pass.
  88. Cooking a recipe perfectly.
  89. You are doing the right thing.
  90. Being able to laugh!may you always be happy
  91. Clean sheets.
  92. Watching thunder and lightening storms.
  93. Giving forgiveness.
  94. and being forgiveness.
  95. Helping others.
  96. Finding your passion.
  97. Finding your soul mate.
  98. Feeling confident when looking in the mirror.
  99. Watching the sun set/Sun rise.
  100. Filling up a whole journal.
  101. You are you! <3

Feel free to continue to add to his list in the comments with what makes you happy! Its always important to remind yourself of what makes you happy, and to never let go of it!

Never give up on trying to be happy. You all are amazing people who deserve to be happy!

Sending out all my love to you all,

Rosie xo

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Daily Habits you should Develop and Why

I’m excited for today’s journal prompt. I’m going to be talking about daily habits that I’m looking for develop! You guys might want to develop these habits into your daily life as well!

There are few daily habits I would like to develop,

but why are keeping habits so important?

Keep good habits starts with a change in your life style, for example: Most articles talking about the importance of a healthy diet, mention that to have a healthy diet, you need to change your life style into a healthy life style.

Your everyday habits and your life style is a huge part of who you are. People who have healthy habits tend to be healthier and happier people all around. And people who have bad habits tend to not be very happy. Your habits are what shape you as a person.

Habits will lead to goals as well. Such as if you have a goal to lose weight, you need to make a habit to eat healthier.

Habits that I am looking to develop are:

  1. Making my bed everyday.
  2. Eating healthy and work out regularly.
  3. Writing everyday.

Making my bed everyday may sound silly. But it can really brighten things up in your morning routine.

If I make my bed in the morning, I am less likely to end up climbing back into bed. Especially if I am feeling depressed, and I wish to stay in bed all day even though it won’t help me in the long run. When I make my bed, I am more likely to stay out of it, get ready, and start my day fresh. This goal is definitely a keeper.

Healthy eating and exercise This one is kind of no brainer. Everyone wants to look and feel their best! And these are definite ways to get there!

Writing everyday is for my blog and a book I’m working out. At the moment, I write to the best of my abilities but I know I could always get better. I’m working hard on my content and also simply writing about my daily life in  my own personal diaries. I love to look back on writings that I’ve made years ago so I’ve owned private journals for some time now. Writing will always be a habit to work on and grow into something more!

All of these habits I’ve listed have end goals that I wish to reach someday. The plus side of developing these is that if they become so ingrained in your life then the goals become much easier to meet.

Don’t give up! 

Don’t give up on your habits, even if you fall off the wagon for one day, it doesn’t mean that you should give up. You can always start any day. Start today and everyday you will feel a difference and soon enough you will see the difference. You won’t regret it either! Take care of yourself, love yourself and create a life style around self-love and happiness.


I hope you guys enjoy this journal prompt! Please feel free to let me know what other journal prompts you’d want to see me write!

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The Lowest Point in my Life

The lowest point in my life: A journal prompt

I’m doing a bit of a heavy prompt today. I’m going to be talking about one the lowest points in my life yet.

It all started when I first began high school. I never had many friends before this point and I was confused and trying to find myself. While doing so I ended up mixing up within the wrong crowd.

I met my first best friend there within the first few days. At first I was excited, I never thought I could have so much in common with someone. This made me so happy. And because I never had many friends, I got ahead of myself very quickly.

Soon after meeting her, I found out a lot. She was living in a rough situation, emotionally abusive parents, she also self harmed and did quite a bit of drugs.

At this time, I did whatever I could to fit in with her. She continued to introduce me to people who were a lot like her. I fell right into all of their bad habits.

They convinced me to not care about myself or simply anything because “fuck the world”. (Sorry for cursing.) I became irritable all the time and treated my parents horribly. I stopped doing most of my school work and ditched school often.

At this time, I also started regular self harm around this time as well. I was very depressed and I was treating myself through drugs, influences, and self harm. I didn’t know any other way of coping.

At this time I was getting help as well, hospitalization was also considered at times. But I had a lot of trouble accepting this help.

Towards the end of the school year thing slowly began to improve in my life.

I started to realize what was happening to me. I also made some good friends, who are still my friends today. These friends told me that I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and that I deserved to be happy. They actually made me feel loved and cared about.Randomly, my friend who was the bad influence stopped talking to me. This was after she started dating a girl who didn’t like me very much. I remember being depressed and feeling betrayed over this. For a while I thought she was a true friend. I tried to talk to her several times, only to be ignored.

My friends started showing me screenshots of her talking behind my back. That was the deal breaker for me. I realized how awful my friends were to me at times. Then I realized I deserved better.

I dumped all my bad friends and bad habits and started working on myself to get better. 

From there my growth was slow but now my life is so much better than what it was. I’m grateful for the friends and the family that have helped me grow and change.

I just want to say I’m in much better place now. And the friend who I originally met in my freshman year is also in a much better place. I’m so grateful to be where I am right now. I also want to thank everyone reading for the support you all have given.

Contact me here if you having any feedback or questions. You can also leave a comment if you’d like 🙂

Much love,



What are 3 Things I do even though they don’t benefit me?

Hi everyone! I first want to apologize for the inactivity on my blog. I’ve been super sick and completely unmotivated because of it. I also had to travel out of state for a day with a friend, which was fun, but because I was sick I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have if I was feeling okay. I’m feeling a bit better today so here I am to share a journal prompt with you all!!

What are 3 things I keep doing even though they don’t benefit me?

1. Eating junk foods

I think that eating unhealthy foods definitely deserves to be number one on this list. Of course it’s okay to occasionally treat yourself, but eating junk foods on a regular basis is not good. Unhealthy foods only give me temporary satisfaction. But at the end of the day they just make me feel like crap.

My eating habits have been something I’ve been working on for a while, but I have been getting a lot better at eating more nutritious food as of recently. I’m working on eating out less often and only shopping for healthy food. So far so good!

2. Sleeping in really late

I have a huge oversleeping issue. Sometimes I can control it and other times I’m just too lazy to get out of bed. Even when I should. I love to sleep a lot, but at the end of the day I just feel like it wasted time and I end up overtired from sleeping for over 9 hours.

Recently I started to work less in my room and near my bed and only associate my bed with sleep.  I was a little doubtful as first, but It’s honestly helped a lot.

4. Procrastination

I feel like everyone has this issue. But sometimes it’s worse than it should be. I typically procrastinate because of boredom, and then I end up not getting stuff done. My phone has become my worst enemy when its time to get stuff done. And simply the Internet in general.

I usually try to keep my phone and laptop out of eyesight when working on something. When I’m working on the computer I have to try extra hard not to press the ‘new tab’ button.


Most of the things on this list I noticed are stuff that gives me temporary satisfaction. But in the long run they end up bring me down. So I’ve realized that I need to think more of the long term effects of things whenever I’m about to do something that isn’t so good.

I hope this article was helpful! Honestly it was helpful for me to right this since I realized somethings about my long term goals.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you guys liked this prompt!

Much love,


How do I Take Care of Myself: Journal Prompt

I’m right on time today for this journal prompt! I love this one too-

How am I taking care of myself?self care

If you asked me this question a while back, I would have probably answered with something like “I dunno….Feeding myself everyday”. Now I feel like I can definitely answer this question with way more detail than that.

At one point I really did not know what self care actually was. Honestly I thought it was just simply eating, sleeping, breathing, etc. all the basics that keep you alive.

I never thought of all the thing like exercise, treating yourself, having coping skills, and all of the other ways to care for yourself. I bet I couldn’t have even told you what a “coping skill” was.

Now I have several ways of “self-care” that I use every day such as, writing, drawing, going out for a walk or drawing.

(A lot of creative stuff:) But the options are limitless. As long as you are doing that that make you happy and won’t harm you! Something as simple as eating breakfast every day can be considered self-care.

Everyday I try to wake up at a decent time, and go out and exercise, even if it’s only something that’s small. Doing this has a honestly boosted my confidence quite a bit. Especially when it comes down to how I feel about my body. I try to eat both nutritious and delicious food everyday as well.

self-careBut I try to do something every day that is both fun and relaxing, like sitting down with a book or cuddling a kitten. These two things are definitely my favorite.

The hardest time to care for yourself is usually as school or work but it’s important to remember to give yourself a break from time to time. Don’t neglect your stress or how you are feeling. If you need a minute, then take a minute. Remember that you should always be your first priority

There have been times at work or school where I needed to step outside. I have also brought in a little fidget toy or a coloring books sometimes as well. Doing these little things have made it a lot easier to deal with stress. As well as help the work day go by a little smoother.

I’m still learning a lot about self-care, and through that I’m also learning about myself. I can’t wait to share more tips on this topic and if there is anything in specific that you’d like to know, don’t be afraid to ask!

I have loved writing this journal prompt and I hope you all have enjoyed it as well!

Feel free to leave feedback or contact me!

Much love,



How have you Handled Being the ‘New Kid’? A journal Prompt

Okay, I know that this post is super late, I’m sorry!! I’ve been busy with school, work and home live. But, I’m officially free for full time blogging, I even bought a planner for my blog posts! I’m more than excited for this

summer and what I have planned for my blog.

How have you handled being the ‘new kid’?


This journal prompt is important to me because as child, and even sometimes now, I have had trouble fitting in. When your a kid you might believe being the new kid is the end of the world, especially if things don’t go so well. That feeling can carry on to your work life and college life as an adult.

The biggest thing I learned is that you have to be yourself, there is no way you can change yourself, especially more people you don’t even know. Getting to know people can be hard, but it’s best for them to know you for you.

I remember having to transfer schools as kid. Other kids who were my bullies transferred along with me. I became quiet and different, I tried to fit in and pretend to be someone I’m not, and I kept this up for several years. Until eventually I actually became quiet wherever I went. I used to be a very loud student who used to get in trouble for talking to much in class, but soon I was the opposite.

Nowadays, I’m still quiet in new places, but I don’t try to be someone I’m not, I’m honest with everyone around me and I’m more able to find real friends.

Always remember that non of the things that happen now that are ‘awkward’ and ’embarrassing’ will matter in 10 years, I always give this advice to myself.

Overall I think I handle being new to a situation a lot better than I used to as a child. I still have issues with being too quiet and too shy though. I believe those problems stem from transferring schools as a child and forcing myself to stay quiet. Which is why my biggest advice to anyone who is a new kid at a school would be to just be yourself and take it day by day.

Don’t isolate yourself, stay quiet and shut in or pretend to be someone you’re not. You are you, so be the best you can be.

Hope you guys enjoyed this prompt, I really did!

Feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

Much love,

Rosie xo

What would you ask for if a genie granted you 3 wishes?: A journal prompt

Here’s a delayed Journal prompt I’ve owed you guys!7486431222_640d5c139f_b

So, what would I do if a Genie granted me three wishes?

Now I’m not talking about wishing for another three wishes, or getting the genie who rips you off, I’m talking about three genuine things that I would wish for. So what would I want?

  1. A world with no abuse towards animals- This is wicked cheesy but means a lot. I’ve always been an animal person and I can’t stand seeing and animal getting hurt. I would say both animals and people but I feel as if this either would be 2 separate wishes or would just count as this same thing since technically humans are animals.
  2. Better writing skills- This is something that would really benefit my blog. As a blogger, I write a lot, so of course I’m getting my practice. But I wish that becoming an amazing writing would just be something that happens over night.
  3. That I could do things more quickly, but still good- There never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything I’d like to do. I would want time to go by slower, but I would like to be able to do things like chores quicker, so I have more time during the day.


Idownload‘m honestly really interested to see what you all would wish for if you had the chance too. I chose this prompt mainly for the feedback on it, but I thought you guys could also see what I personally believe in, and what I would want for myself. I would honestly love for a genie to come around and grant me my wishes. (but we all would, right?)

Big thanks to everyone reading!! I’d love to hear back with some feedback and what you guys would wish for from a genie!






Journal Prompt: Summer Goals!

imagesHere is my fourth journal prompt! SO excited for this one! And so excited for the summer!

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I’m really not a fan of cold weather (AT ALL!!). So once summer hits, I’m ready for the beach, cold desserts, and the summer fashion!

This prompt I have is simple : What are your plans and goals for this summer?

I had fun planning stuff out when writing this, so I hope you all benefit!


  1. Go on a small road trip- I’ve never actually been on a road before. I’m super excited since my boyfriend and are planning on traveling for our 3 year anniversary this June! Cant wait! I’m gonna be the one driving too ;). I’ve never driven too far, so this also might be a learning experience as well as a fun adventure!

  2. Get in better shape- I exercise quite a bit and eat pretty well, but I’ve never been super serious about it. I want to actually get my head in the game and go through a proper workout and meal plan. This will definitely get me in both better mental and physical shape!

   3.  Getting my shit organized- I’m trying to be my own boss, but I have a bad habit of being extremely unorganized with EVERYTHING. But I have created myself a new office space with a desk and a brand new computer! That has made a huge                           difference so far for all my work! So far, so good!

  4. Improve my blogging- I will most likely have way more time this summer to work on my blog since I’ll have less hours at work. Blogging has been a whole new passion of mine that I am making huge plans for! I’m hoping that with my office space, new           computer, and more time, I can start blogging full time! Stay Tuned!!


Sooo…these are all my goals for this summer. I’m so excited to get started on these! If you guys have any goals that you’d like to share in the comments, feel free! It would be great to hear from you all!

Thank you so much for reading!


Rosie <3

Journal Prompt: When do you feel most connected to yourself?

SO, here is my third journal prompt! trying to get the hang of writing once every week 🙂journal

But I really like this prompt, it’s something that makes me happy to think and write about. I hope you guys feel the same way about it, and are able to use the prompt in your own writing/journal

when do you feel most connected to yourself?

I feel the most connected to myself when I’m working with and help animals. They are my life, my passion, my world.

I believe it’s very important to feel connected to yourself. But I didn’t really think much of it before I found my passion. I was 15 and planning to drop out of high school when I started volunteering at an animal shelter. That opportunity opened a new set of doors for me.

I don’t know where I would be right now if I never realized how much I love working with animals. Especially cats. Now I foster, and work with several organizations to rescue pets!

I’ve found that I have a deep connection with all of the cats I work with. (You can call me a crazy cat lady all you want!) But this has become my motivation to keep going in life, even when things are rough. I always have something to look forward too everyday.

This is when I feel most connected to myself, when I’m doing what I love.

I love what I do and I plan to keep doing this for the rest of my life.

I’m curious to know when you guys feel most connected to yourselves.I would love to hear some responses! If you are unsure, finding your passion might just be the answer.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave feedback or contact me Here.



Weekly Journal Prompt: Greatest Strengths

I’m a little late on my journal prompt this week but I definitely am ready to start sticking to this! I have been saving this specific prompt in my journal for a little bit now.

Knowing what your greatest strengths are can definitely help you conquer all your weaknesses.

My top 3 strengths would be:

  1. Compassion- I love helping others, and animals. Especially animals. I’ve always had a place in my for other living beings, it’s just part of who I am.
  2. Intuition- I feel as if I am able to understand situations and others well. It helps with my compassion part cause I feel as if it’s easy to understand people.
  3. Dedication/Loyalty- I’m dedicated to my friends, family and passion. I think being dedicated and loyal to everything is a super important and great trait to have. It makes you for reliable and shows what you really care about.

Two of my weaknesses are having trouble talking to others and loosing motivation quickly. I definitely try to use my strengths to help me with all of my weaknesses. Being a compassionate person can help me talk to others and intuition and dedication can help me with loosing motivation.

Try to keep track of all your strengths before any of your weaknesses. Trust me they are so much stronger and will bring you such a long way. I hope you guys enjoyed this journal prompt!

What are your strengths? How do they help you with your weaknesses?