What Animals Teach us about Happiness

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

-Mahatma Gandhi


I’m an animal lover. I work with animals at a shelter, volunteer my time, rescue and foster. Working with animals has taught me so much about life, compassion, happiness and simply how to live my life to the fullest. I’m proud to say that they are my inspiration.

Over the years, I have met many different cats and dogs (other animals too!. Some from very different backgrounds-

Some abused, some sick, some abandoned, some with special needs, some who have never met a human before, Etc

These guys have taught me many things, but what they really taught me was- To be grateful and happy for everything I have. 

These animals have nothing, they’ve been abandoned, abused, but yet they will still perk up when you pet them. They get exited as soon as you open the cage door and they’re ready for love. It amazes me that some pets, who have had it rough, will still come around to trust you. They are all amazing and individually unique.

I’ve seen cats who were once scared and huddled in the back of the cage and completely scared of people and the world, soon come out to be total love bugs.


Here are several things that animals teach us on a regular basis- 
1. Be grateful for what you have everyday-
Like I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, that there are so many animals out there who have nothing but still end up happy and have lots of love left in side their hearts.
2. Unconditioned love-
Animals always show us unconditional love regardless of our past, our mistakes, the job we have, the choices we make, etc. As long as we show them love, they will always show it back.
3. Live in the moment every chance you get-
It’s fascinating how animals really have no sense of time. They are always living in the moment, always mindful. We constantly have things on our minds. When our furry friends are happy and spending time with us, they genuinely are with us in the moment. This is something that we need to learn to appreciate and do on a regular basis.
4. Let go of your mistakes-
Because our animal friends always are in the moment, they don’t think much of there own past mistakes and our past mistakes. This is important for us to do to live a happy life. Letting go can be so hard but so crucial.
5. Stay loyal to yourself and others-
Our dogs and cats would never want to leave us and they don’t want to be abandoned as well. If we where as loyal to ourselves and to other people as animals are, we would live a happier life.


I realized that even though that I have the ability to be happy as well, even though I’ve had it rough, just like them. I’ve become so much more grateful than I used to be, so much more nurturing. They are my biggest inspiration. I feel as if it’s a privilege to be able to rescue and help animals, a privilege I’m grateful for.

Love, Rosie


Follow your Dreams


As a child I was taught not to try anything new,

not to be myself, not to takes risks and follow any passion because if I didn’t conform, I was weird. My teachers were the bullies and staff at my school, a dysfunctional household, and a father with anger issues. I followed these teachers and kept my so-called best friends who were cruel and put me down. I was angry frequently, even with my pets at home. So, when I started high school and I finally was starting new, I wanted to rebel, I didn’t want to get work done, and I was pretty much worn out and indifferent.

I wondered why I chose to go to a school that would force me to declare a passion. Everyone at school seemed so set with what they wanted to do with their lives.

I felt out of place.

I simply didn’t want to try anything different or difficult because I didn’t want to mess up and be judged. At the time I couldn’t care less about where I’d go after high school or what I wanted to do with my life. I just wanted to graduate.

Once tenth grade came I started following the better teachers, I stuck with good influences and my advisor. That gave me some ambition to do better, but there was no actual passion or motivation. When it came down to finding an internship I just wanted an easy way out. I thought about dropping out, and even talked to the social worker at my school about how I could do that. Even though I was trying as hard as I could on all academics, I still wanted out.

After my first trimester of tenth grade, I finally had to find an internship for school. I remember how a friend of mine had an internship at an animal shelter, so I decided to look into that.

That was when I started my internship volunteering at an non profit animal shelter.

Over a period of a few months, I noticed that my mood elevated while there, because these helpless animals were relying on me. A whole new set of doors opened for me from there. Yes, I was learning about animals while I was there, but I was learning about myself. I felt free, I felt happy, I never loved being somewhere as much as I loved being there. Slowly, I remembered my love for animals as a young child, passed down from my mother, so much that I used to picture my adult self becoming a veterinarian.

It was my destiny to work with animals, which I now understand.

I never thought I could be so passionate. I became a whole new person. I felt so much more caring towards both animals and people, I realized that every living thing needs love and nurturing. With that realization I have become more compassionate and I have been trying my hardest to be nicer to people. I am very proud of myself, but I still have a lot of room to grow. I plan to continue working with animals for the rest of my life. Now when anyone asks me about how they can find their passion, I tell them to remember their childhood.

Thank you so much for reading. Feel free to Contact me here.