The Ultimate Guide to Mindfulness


Negative thoughts and emotions can interfere with our day to day lives. It’s important to try not to let these get to you. But if you don’t know how to properly identify all of your negative thought patterns, they will begin to get in the way of living a happy life.
I can’t say that I live a 100% 24/7 mindful life, But overtime I have learned how to quickly get my thoughts under control, and to live in the present without many worries. It would be unrealistic to expect yourself to be mindful all the time, it’s just not possible, and that’s okay.

Today I will be sharing a guide that I use to be mindful and live in the moment! What is mindfulness anyway?



By definition, mindfulness is “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” To put that in a more simply way, you could call mindfulness “Living in the moment.” When hearing such a simple definition, you may think that it’s easy being mindful, but with thoughts and worries getting in the way of just trying to live in the moment, it can get very hard. Especially if your super busy with home life, work life, family life and so on.

So where do you begin?

This can be a tough question, because you start right now, in fifteen minutes, tomorrow, or a whole year from now. You can be mindful literally anywhere at anytime. My favorite method is doing a 21 day challenge. It takes about 21 days to start a new habit, so I believe if you spend 21 days trying to be mindful throughout the day, it may begin to come easier afterwards. My 21 day challenge for mindfulness involves spending 10 minutes at each location you go to during the day trying to be mindful.

For example: After you wake up, try to spend 10 minutes being mindful at home, if you go to work, out to run errands, etc, try to spend 10 minutes being mindful at each of those locations. What I love about doing this is that you can adjust the time to more or less than 10 minutes if needed, and it’s easy and doesn’t take up to much time. After those 21 days you can reflect on how you felt when being mindful and you can choose to continue doing so with more time added on.

Other Mindfulness Activities-

Meditation- Taking a couple minutes to just sit in silence and listen to all the sounds that surround you is one of my favorite ways to relax. When meditating you begin to notice things about how your breathing, feeling and sounds that you never pay any mind to at any other time. Just spending a small amount of time doing nothing is super beneficial.

Doing one thing at a time, and spending a long time doing- This may be annoying at first to those who are always busy with a lot on their plates. You might be thinking “There’s no way I’ll get anything done” But when you actually spend your time on one thing and doing it slowly and deliberately your time will not go to waste. This will help you learn to do things with quality and not quantity. It will take practice at first but in the long run may help your working life.

Stop worrying about the future- This is hard, because we all feel like there is something to worry about. But it’s always most important to focus on what’s happening now rather than what’s going to happen in the future. The future doesn’t exist yet, and you are what makes the future. This can be a hard thing to grasp, but focusing on the now will lead to better future. So every time you feel yourself worrying, try to get your mind back in mindful mode.

The benefits-

There are so many benefits of being mindful that I can list, but here are just a few:
– Less anxiety
– Feeling more accomplished with life
– Less worrying and feel overwhelmed
– Lowering blood pressure and improving memory

Those are a just a few things that will come when being mindful. It’s important to remember that mindfulness is not always easy but it is always beneficial. Practice makes perfect!

I hope you found this simple guide helpful! Please feel free to let me know any comments, questions or concerns that you may have!

Much love

Rosie xoxo

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Why I started a Blog!

Hello all! I’m excited to share this post on how I started a blog! I’m hoping that I could motivate you all and share a little bit about myself as well!
starting a blogWhy I started a blog:

I started a blog quite randomly, I was looking through Pinterest (My all time favorite social media site!) and I kept seeing information and articles on how to start a blog. I don’t exactly know why these where recommended for me but I ended up doing some research.

I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs and writing often. After doing research on blogging I realized that I might actually enjoy it, especially because I did a lot of writing anyway.

Becoming a better writer-
This can go without saying. Every blogger grows their writing skills throughout time. I loved writing so I would never pass down an opportunity to improve my writing. Having others give feedback and enjoy my writing has done nothing but make me happy!
Networking with people who have the same interests!-
We all love finding those people who love the same exact things we do! i was very much intrigued by the opportunity to grow my network with others and meet new people who enjoy the same things I love. Meeting and talking with other bloggers has been one of my all time favorite things about creating The Optimists Digest. I have found people from all over who relate to me and enjoy my writing. It’s an amazing experience and I will always suggest starting a blog for this reason!
Being an inspiration to others-
I have found so many inspirational blogs and bloggers throughout my time blogging. I love that I could possibly give others the same kind of inspiration that I have been given over the years through reading the stories of others. This is huge for me, I have always loved to see the happiness of others and whenever someone writes to me telling me how I have inspired them, it melts my heart.
Most importantly, Helping others get through the day-
Even the slightest notion that my blog could possibly make someones day better by just a little bit has filled me with joy. When creating The Optimists Digest, my number one priority was to help others. This blog was created to give advice and share positive vibes on every screen it ends up on.
Just a reminder-

Everyone here on The Optimists Digest is always here to help and support you! If you ever have an issue of any kind please feel free to contact us! We want this blog to be a safe space for every person of every background!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I know it’s short but I will be coming out with a much bigger post very soon! So stay tuned and keep us bookmarked!

Much love,

Rosie xoxo