5 Great Tips for Creating the Perfect Bucket List!

creating a bucket listHello everyone!

I recently talked about setting goals Here! And I decided to stay on the topic and talk about creating a bucket list! So if you enjoy this article and want tips on setting regular goals check out that link!

Everyone wants to live the life of there dreams, we all have our ideas of a ‘bucket list’ There are a few things that many get in the way of creating or completing a bucket list, such as money or time. But don’t give up on yourself!

Sometimes you have to just jump in and do it.

Stop waiting, life will only continue to pass you by, life won’t wait for you! Set those goals and just start getting stuff done. You obviously don’t have to complete everything right away, but you have to start somewhere. You have only one life to live, so live it up!

5 Tips for creating a great bucket list-
What is your budget?-

This is important, of course. But don’t let it hold you back, if you want to travel across the globe, you’re going to have plan out how much money that you need to save so you can finally complete that goal. When creating your budget, the most important thing to consider is how much money you make, and how much you want to save, and when you want to complete your goal. My favorite place for budgeting ideas is pinterest!!

What makes you happy?

I know, this is a no-brainer. But sometimes to figure this out, you have to actually sit down and do some serious deep thinking about it. You know know what makes you happy, such as movies, good food, and cats, but how can those be made into some serious goals that are worth adding to your bucket list?

Think of your childhood!bucket list dreams

I say this for finding inspiration for literally everything. When you are a child, you are full of the biggest dreams and motivations. I found my passion by thinking about what where my favorite things to do when I was a child. I loved animals as a kid, and as I got older I began to forget about that, but I did end up working with animals again and I realized how much I loved it. It was something I loved all along, but I completely forgot about it. So always look to your childhood and see what happens!

Find inspiration.

Take time to actually find inspiration, go for a walk, meditate, read an inspiring book. Starting a bucket list may sound like an easy thing to do but sometimes it can be hard, especially when you have no clue where to start or you have no motivation to complete the goals you have or even write any down.

Remember, it’s all about you!

This is about you, not anyone else, you can of course involve others in the goals on your bucket list, but they have to be the goals that you want. Do this to fulfill your lives dreams, not anyone else’s. When you sit down to write the goals for your bucket list, think of exactly what you want and exactly what will work for you, not about any one else!

Don’t forget- Start today, don’t hold back!

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this and find all these tips useful! Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments or Contact me Here!

Stop holding back on your dreams!


Rosie xo

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Staying Positive this Holiday Season

staying positive this holiday seasonHi everyone! It’s October and that means the holidays are coming up on us, and pretty quickly as well!

The holidays, from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to New Years, can be a happy time filled with new family memories. But they can also be quite stressful, especially when having a rough relationship with family and such.

I have heard so many people excitingly talking about he holiday and getting ready to dress up and give gifts, but I have also heard the other side of that. Feeling lonely around this time, some people don’t have that much family. Others don’t have much money to give there children and family the ideal holiday experience.

Even if the holidays are hard for because of loneliness, family, work or money, there is something positive to come out of everything. If you keep that thought in mind you can get through this season without much problem.

Tips for staying positive during the stressful holiday season-

You don’t need a lot of money to give-



This is hard, but yet important. Your kids may wonder why Santa didn’t get them what all the other kids got. Or you may wonder what to get the family members who always go all out on. You don’t have to one up any one, home made photos and cards can mean a whole lot. Your children may not understand at this time in their lives, but they will someday.


Give back in other ways-

Taking your children or family to volunteer at a soup kitchen or an animal shelter can really open their eyes to what they have to be grateful for. Giving back is still giving.

Take it day by day-

Don’t stress out over the holidays that are going to be happening within the next few months, take it day by day. They will come and go regardless of how you handle them, so handle them the best way you can. Try to make the holiday season a time to be mindful.


You’re never alone-

No matter what may be going on, what stress you have, you are never alone. There are many people out there, struggling with the same holiday issues. Try to find others that you can relate too, others that you can talk too and you can help each other out.

Don’t isolate yourself-

It is always easier to isolate yourself when you feel depressed and alone. Especially during the holidays. You m


ight be better off going to the holiday parties and surrounding yourself with your family and friends this holiday season versus just staying alone. It might be hard to do so at first but you might not regret it!

Take a break if you need, Self care is important-

Your happiness and well being should always be most important. If you are feeling like you need to take a day off and a break from all the stress, you should definitely take that break. Self Care is extremely important during this time of year. Take all of the time you need to take good care of yourself.

holiday I hope you use these tips throughout this holiday season!



Also do what you feel is right for yourself throughout these months, it may be hard, but give yourself all the self care possible!


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