How have you Handled Being the ‘New Kid’? A journal Prompt

Okay, I know that this post is super late, I’m sorry!! I’ve been busy with school, work and home live. But, I’m officially free for full time blogging, I even bought a planner for my blog posts! I’m more than excited for this

summer and what I have planned for my blog.

How have you handled being the ‘new kid’?


This journal prompt is important to me because as child, and even sometimes now, I have had trouble fitting in. When your a kid you might believe being the new kid is the end of the world, especially if things don’t go so well. That feeling can carry on to your work life and college life as an adult.

The biggest thing I learned is that you have to be yourself, there is no way you can change yourself, especially more people you don’t even know. Getting to know people can be hard, but it’s best for them to know you for you.

I remember having to transfer schools as kid. Other kids who were my bullies transferred along with me. I became quiet and different, I tried to fit in and pretend to be someone I’m not, and I kept this up for several years. Until eventually I actually became quiet wherever I went. I used to be a very loud student who used to get in trouble for talking to much in class, but soon I was the opposite.

Nowadays, I’m still quiet in new places, but I don’t try to be someone I’m not, I’m honest with everyone around me and I’m more able to find real friends.

Always remember that non of the things that happen now that are ‘awkward’ and ’embarrassing’ will matter in 10 years, I always give this advice to myself.

Overall I think I handle being new to a situation a lot better than I used to as a child. I still have issues with being too quiet and too shy though. I believe those problems stem from transferring schools as a child and forcing myself to stay quiet. Which is why my biggest advice to anyone who is a new kid at a school would be to just be yourself and take it day by day.

Don’t isolate yourself, stay quiet and shut in or pretend to be someone you’re not. You are you, so be the best you can be.

Hope you guys enjoyed this prompt, I really did!

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