Weekly Journal Prompt: Greatest Strengths

I’m a little late on my journal prompt this week but I definitely am ready to start sticking to this! I have been saving this specific prompt in my journal for a little bit now.

Knowing what your greatest strengths are can definitely help you conquer all your weaknesses.

My top 3 strengths would be:

  1. Compassion- I love helping others, and animals. Especially animals. I’ve always had a place in my for other living beings, it’s just part of who I am.
  2. Intuition- I feel as if I am able to understand situations and others well. It helps with my compassion part cause I feel as if it’s easy to understand people.
  3. Dedication/Loyalty- I’m dedicated to my friends, family and passion. I think being dedicated and loyal to everything is a super important and great trait to have. It makes you for reliable and shows what you really care about.

Two of my weaknesses are having trouble talking to others and loosing motivation quickly. I definitely try to use my strengths to help me with all of my weaknesses. Being a compassionate person can help me talk to others and intuition and dedication can help me with loosing motivation.

Try to keep track of all your strengths before any of your weaknesses. Trust me they are so much stronger and will bring you such a long way. I hope you guys enjoyed this journal prompt!

What are your strengths? How do they help you with your weaknesses?




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