What I Learned from Getting Demoted from my First Job

My first job was in the customer service industry, as most teenagers jobs. Since this was my first job, getting demoted made me feel awful. My most demanding task was having to talk to customers and serve them. I was also in a some what high end restaurant, so they were pretty uptight about employee performance. “The customer is always right.” Good morning demoted

But I had social anxiety, and this was my first job, so my shifts didn’t always go so well. I would constantly rehearse what I was supposed to say but when I was face to face with a customer, I would freeze.

Other than that issue, I thought I was doing a good job. I enjoyed working there, I loved my coworkers, and I was payed pretty well for a first job. I made mistakes sometimes, as everyone does, but no one said that I was doing THAT poorly.

Then I was in my managers office, crying. I was super embarrassed, I was especially embarrassed for crying. I felt like a failure and I wondered what I did wrong, I really wanted to stand up for myself, I was too ashamed to though.

My work gave me an ultimatum, I could accept the lesser position or I could leave. I obviously wanted to keep my job, so I accepted the offer. Now that I’m a bit older, and more experienced in the work industry, I’m glad I got demoted. It gave me a place to learn and grow from and I’ll explain why.

mistakes demoted1.It’s okay to make mistakes:

I feel as if everyone tells you this throughout your life, but it takes a lot to actually believe it. I always was okay when others made mistakes, but I never accepted my own mistakes. When I stopped dwelling on all my mistakes and I started realizing that it was okay, I felt happier. I also felt as if my work performance was getting better as well. Since I wasn’t so uptight.

2. Ask for performance reviews/Understanding why:

I always get nervous before asking the simple question of “How have I been doing recently” But doing this can help you understand why you were originally demoted and how you can grow from any mistakes you are making and fix them.

3. Always room for improvement:

There is always room to improve. Don’t let this fact get you down, it doesn’t mean you aren’t doing well already. It just means you can always be a better version of what you are. This kind of goes with asking for a performance review.

4. Being patient and taking the text steps:

You might enjoy your new position, for me I never left my job, I took it in stride and ended up getting paid more in the long run. After you spend more time at this job, and you get your head around how everything works, you may be given another chance. Or you may be able to ask to move back up after some time.

5. Feel free to ask for help

It’s okay to ask for help. My biggest help was my coworkers who I could go to when I was stumped or needed support. You don’t need to ask your coworkers either. You can also go to your family and friends for some advice and help as well.

6. It’s okay if you want to look for another job:demoted opportunity

I thought about getting another job after getting demoted, and I looked even though I wound up staying at this job. But if you feel as if your work is being unfair to you, you obviously have every right to leave and find a new job. Don’t go around telling every at your job that you are planning on leaving though, just do it on the down low and whenever the time is right, put your two weeks in.

If you feel like you’ve been wrongfully demoted-

If you feel like you have been wrongfully demoted, You definitely have the right to report this to HR if you have the documentation.

There’s a lot that I’ve learned from this experience. I’m glad that it happened this way though, and I don’t have any regrets for how things have went. Go with your gut feeling and do what you feel is best for your situation. Be proud of yourself for getting this far.
I hope that you all have enjoyed reading this post and is helpful to anyone who is in or has been in a similar situation.

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and leave feedback and comments!



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