Choosing Happiness

choosing happiness

Choosing Happiness. Of course choosing to simply ‘be happy’ isn’t easy, but it’s possible.

Choosing happiness involves making choices throughout your day that effect your mood. You obviously can’t just become happy overnight, but making the right choices will definitely make a difference.

So what choices can you make? I’ll give you some ideas:

Count your blessings:

Always remind yourself of what you have. It will surprise you that knowing what your grateful for, and keeping track of all your blessings, will make a huge impact on your life. So when you are feeling low, think of all the things that you appreciate. Never let the little things bring you down.

Cut out negative relationships, nurture positive ones:

There will always be people who bring you down, but giving yourself the power to ignore those people or cut them out of your life will make huge improvements. The people around us have a huge impact on our mood so also learning how to grow those positive relationships will be beneficial.


Science has proven that giving a simple smile can improve your mood. Whenever you look in the mirror, smile at yourself. Tell yourself that you are going to have a good day.

Be patient with yourself:

This can hard, especially if you are so used to having a negative thought pattern. Don’t be hard yourself, give yourself time to relax and remember that things don’t happen overnight. Don’t ever give up on yourself.

Fight your negative thoughts:

I wrote an article here on challenging negative thoughts. Learning how to challenge my negative thoughts helped me complete my goals and improve my personal well being.

Do kind things for others:

Something that always helps me feel better is being selfless. Being kind to others have been proven to make you and others around you happy.

Grow and learn from mistakes:

Don’t dwell on the past and worry about your mistakes. Look at your mistakes as learning experiences instead of beating yourself up over them.


Start today and choose positivity. I hope this article was beneficial.

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