Embracing other emotions (Quick Read)

Don’t fixate all your energy on happiness, remember that it’s okay to feel other emotions. Your goal simply can’t be “Be happy all the time” There is nobody who is happy all the time.

There Can’t be happiness without sadness.

Remember, to be able to feel real happiness, you have to feel other emotions. You can’t be truly happy if you bottle all your emotions up.

In life there is going to be a lot of stressful moments and keep feelings inside can take a damaging toll on you. You need to let yourself cry and be angry, be nurturing to yourself. You will feel so much better when you let it all out, it may even help bring some peace to your heart. Find time to relax and just think, recognize those feelings and simply feel.

Give yourself that control

Take control of your feelings, don’t let things get to you. Once you give yourself the power, you will find peace and things will get better.



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