Top 5 best apps for Mental Health!

Are you looking for an easy and quick way to relieve stress? An app for your phone might actually be exactly what you need! I’ve been trying some apps for mental health and I would like to share some of these with you all!

(BTW, These apps aren’t in a specific order!)

5.Sunshine – Happiness, life and weather

This is a cute app, it especially helps if the weather tends to effect your mood. The app helps you prepare for the day by sending you a cute message in the morning about the weather and how it may effect your mood! It will ask you questions on how the weather is making you feel so it can adjust based on your preferences. The community is also super nice and sends good vibes which you can also send back!

This app is a nice way to make the weather fun, so it doesn’t effect your mood as negatively no longer!7

4. Pacifa – Anxiety, Stress & Depression relief

I used this app a while back when I wasn’t in that great of a place in life. It definitely made an impact. You can use the app to track your mood and thoughts, as well as keep up with healthy habits! Overtime you can look back on your entries you’ve made in the past and see your growth. They also have audio lessons, activities and guided meditation to teach you different techniques to manage your stress, anxiety and depression.

Whenever you are feeling high stress or anxiety, this app is great to pull up on your phone and follow some guided meditation.

3. Headspace: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness

If you ever need help creating some quietness in your day, this app is for you! Headspace has cute little character that will guide you through meditation and mindfulness. They have several different series that you can select from to pick what you need most help with. As time passes you can track your progress and see all the improve you are making!

The best part about this app is that you only need 10 minutes a day to get started!

2. Happify – Activities & Games for Stress & Anxiety

This is one of my favorite apps! They start you off on your journey by asking you questions about your life to help cater the app to your needs. They give you the option to use the app on private mode which lets you play the app without being in the community or you can use it on community mode which lets you share your progress with others and communicate with others. My favorite part is the free play section that help you combat your negative thoughts!

This is a great app, which offers everything you need to make progress and daily activities to keep you on track!

1. Aura: Mindfulness Daily – Stress & Anxiety Relief

This app is similar to pacifa in terms of the layout, but they have a lot more options for meditation. They have guided mediation for even when your in a good mood! Everyday they ask you how you’re doing and suggest different guided activities based on your mood. Sometimes you only need 3 minutes!

You can use this app whenever you need help sleeping and need some quick relaxation!

I hope you guys enjoyed this list of apps, and I hope you guys find these useful you! Thank you very much!


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