What Animals Teach us about Happiness

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

I’m an animal lover. I work at an animal shelter, volunteer my time, rescue and foster. Working with animals (specifically cats) has taught me so much. I’m proud to say that they are my inspiration.,

Over the years, I have met many different cats and dogs (other animals too!. Some from very different backgrounds-

Some abused, some sick, some abandoned, some with special needs, some who have never met a human before, Etc.

These guys have taught me many things, but what they really taught me was- To be grateful and happy for everything I have. 

These animals who have nothing, have been given up, have been abused, will still perk up when you pet them. They get exited as soon as you open the cage door and they’re ready for love.

It amazes me that some pets, who have had it rough, will still come around to trust you.

I’ve seen cats who were once scared and huddled in the back of the cage, soon come out to be total love bugs.

I’ve realized that even though that I have the ability to be happy as well, even though I’ve had it rough, just like them. I’ve become so much more grateful than I used to be, so much more nurturing. They are my biggest inspiration. I feel as if it’s a privilege to be able to rescue and help animals, a privilege I’m grateful for.

Love, Rosie


Embracing other emotions (Quick Read)

Don’t fixate all your energy on happiness, remember that it’s okay to feel other emotions. Your goal simply can’t be “Be happy all the time” There is nobody who is happy all the time.

There Can’t be happiness without sadness.

Remember, to be able to feel real happiness, you have to feel other emotions. You can’t be truly happy if you bottle all your emotions up.

In life there is going to be a lot of stressful moments and keep feelings inside can take a damaging toll on you. You need to let yourself cry and be angry, be nurturing to yourself. You will feel so much better when you let it all out, it may even help bring some peace to your heart. Find time to relax and just think, recognize those feelings and simply feel.

Give yourself that control

Take control of your feelings, don’t let things get to you. Once you give yourself the power, you will find peace and things will get better.



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Follow your Dreams

As a child I was taught not to try anything new, not to be myself, not to takes risks and follow any passion because if I didn’t conform, I was weird. My teachers were the bullies and staff at my school, a dysfunctional household, and a father with anger issues. I followed these teachers and kept my so-called best friends who were cruel and put me down. I was angry frequently, even with my pets at home. So, when I started high school and I finally was starting new, I wanted to rebel, I didn’t want to get work done, and I was pretty much worn out and indifferent.

I wondered why I chose to go to a school that would force me to declare a passion. Everyone at school seemed so set with what they wanted to do with their lives. I felt out of place. I simply didn’t want to try anything different or difficult because I didn’t want to mess up and be judged. At the time I couldn’t care less about where I’d go after high school or what I wanted to do with my life. I just wanted to graduate. Once tenth grade came I started following the better teachers, I stuck with good influences and my advisor. That gave me some ambition to do better, but there was no actual passion or motivation. When it came down to finding an internship I just wanted an easy way out. I thought about dropping out, and even talked to the social worker at my school about how I could do that. Even though I was trying as hard as I could on all academics, I still wanted out.

After my first trimester of tenth grade, I finally had to find an internship for school. I remember how a friend of mine had an internship at an animal shelter, so I decided to look into that. That was when I started my internship volunteering at an non profit animal shelter. Over a period of a few months, I noticed that my mood elevated while there, because these helpless animals were relying on me. A whole new set of doors opened for me from there. Yes, I was learning about animals while I was there, but I was learning about myself. I felt free, I felt happy, I never loved being somewhere as much as I loved being there. Slowly, I remembered my love for animals as a young child, passed down from my mother, so much that I used to picture my adult self becoming a veterinarian.

It was my destiny to work with animals, which I now understand. I never thought I could be so passionate. I became a whole new person. I felt so much more caring towards both animals and people, I realized that every living thing needs love and nurturing. With that realization I have become more compassionate and I have been trying my hardest to be nicer to people. I am very proud of myself, but I still have a lot of room to grow. I plan to continue working with animals for the rest of my life. Now when anyone asks me about how they can find their passion, I tell them to remember their childhood.

Getting Help

You might feel the same way as I did when I finally started to get help-

Scared, Confused, Unsure,

I was there but finding help was the best decision I have ever made. When you first walk into your therapists office, your heart is beating, you just want to turn around.

When your over 18, it’s easier to find a licensed therapist, theirs websites like goodtherapy.org and Psychology Today.

When you’re under 18, like I was when I was seeking help, it can be much scarier. You have to go through your parents first. Your parents should be understanding, it’s hard, the worst they can say is no, but you have to remain positive regardless. Just like with any goals in life, no matter how difficult it is, the best rule of thumb, is to try until you eventually succeed, and to stay strong.

It may seem generic to give the cliche “just try harder” advice, especially when you’re already seeking emotional support and assistance, but a piece of advice that is more important to be given when it comes to emotional support.

Something to always remember is that your therapist will never judge you. They probably have seen dozens of people in similar situations to you. You are not alone. They want to be there to help you, and if you don’t feel like you’re connecting to you’re connecting with your therapist, they wont be offended if you want to find somebody new. They might actually give you a to referral to someone they know.

Always remember to never loose motivation, keep going, trust me, once you find help, things will get better.

Never give up, love,


How to Challenge Negative Thoughts

 When I was dealing with depression, one of the hardest parts was all the negative thoughts I had. My thinking would get in the way of my daily life-

“I can’t do it” – “people will judge me” – “There’s no way I can do this, I should jut give up”-

Those were the thoughts I had. I knew something needed to change, but it was easier said than done. So I started with baby steps.

Recognizing your negative thoughts-

When you think a certain way for so long, it becomes almost natural. You start to not notice your thought pattern as often, since it’s just something you’re used to.

Half the battle is being able to start recognizing how you are thinking, so whenever you are feeling down or in a high anxiety/stressful situation, pay attention to the thoughts that come to mind.

Finding ways to replace those thoughts-

Once you are able to recognize those thoughts, the second half of the battle is learning to combat those thoughts. Whenever I was able to, I pulled out my journal when I was having negative thoughts, and I wrote down why they weren’t true. You don’t have to write these things down, but you still have to try thinking them.

Try to look at what you are thinking in a more rational way. When you tell yourself “I could never do this! I’m so stupid.” try to replace that thought with “I’m not stupid, everyone starts somewhere and I shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. I can do anything I put my mind too” Once you get into the habit of replacing these thoughts you will notice a difference in how you are thinking.

The fact is- A lot of the thoughts you are having are not true. The only reason why these thoughts have power, is because you give them power. Once you stop letting them have power, you will feel more at peace with yourself.

Everyday, is a new beginning to change you’re life for the better, it’s all about taking the first step!

Love, Rosie

Feel free to comment any feedback or any questions you have for me!

How to deal with mean friends

Growing up, I didn’t have friends, and the friends I had weren’t very nice. I remember in the sixth grade my mom bought me a cute pair of sneakers, and everyone in class was complimenting me on them. My only ‘friend’ then went up to me and told me she didn’t even like my shoes, that they looked ‘Ice cream’. I wanted to tell her that I didn’t like her shoes either, or just stand up for myself in some sort of way, but I said nothing. I’ve dealt with that ‘friend’ for a long time, she would bully me, hang out with tons of people who would always insult me and tell her to not talk to me, I was only her friend because I had no one else.

I didn’t actually get out of this relationship until we parted our ways when we got to high school, she completely stopped talking to me. I was disappointed that she stopped talking to me, it took me a long time to realize that I never did anything wrong. Since then, I have had trouble making good friends, since I never had any real friend throughout my life, I would settle for anything, even crappy friends. When I first started high school, I start smoking and drinking anything I could get my hands on, this was because I made a whole new group of friends who was part of ‘that’ crowd. Toward the end of my freshman year, in april, I made a decision to start taking care of myself, to make better friends, and to be happy. That was the best decision I ever made.

Now if a friend of mine is rude, I know what to do. I have to grown the confidence to stand up for myself. I also realized that being rude back won’t make anything better. The main thing that you can do is communicate how you feel, ask them why they are treating you that way, tell them you don’t like being mistreated. Something that is hard to realize is that if they aren’t willing to admit they are doing anything wrong, or if they don’t try to put any effort to change their actions, that they aren’t real friends. If they truly cared about you they would want to make sure you’re happy, and that they don’t hurt you.

Something to always remember is that YOU come first. Make sure you are happy with the friends you have, you should never let anyone bring you down. It took me a long time to realize this, but it’s better to have no friends, than fake friends. Nobody deserves to be mistreated, always remember to stand up for yourself. ❤

Thank you for reading!

Top 5 best apps for Mental Health!

Are you looking for an easy and quick way to relieve stress? An app for your phone might actually be exactly what you need! I’ve been trying some apps for mental health and I would like to share some of these with you all!

(BTW, These apps aren’t in a specific order!)

5.Sunshine – Happiness, life and weather

This is a cute app, it especially helps if the weather tends to effect your mood. The app helps you prepare for the day by sending you a cute message in the morning about the weather and how it may effect your mood! It will ask you questions on how the weather is making you feel so it can adjust based on your preferences. The community is also super nice and sends good vibes which you can also send back!

This app is a nice way to make the weather fun, so it doesn’t effect your mood as negatively no longer!7

4. Pacifa – Anxiety, Stress & Depression relief

I used this app a while back when I wasn’t in that great of a place in life. It definitely made an impact. You can use the app to track your mood and thoughts, as well as keep up with healthy habits! Overtime you can look back on your entries you’ve made in the past and see your growth. They also have audio lessons, activities and guided meditation to teach you different techniques to manage your stress, anxiety and depression.

Whenever you are feeling high stress or anxiety, this app is great to pull up on your phone and follow some guided meditation.

3. Headspace: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness

If you ever need help creating some quietness in your day, this app is for you! Headspace has cute little character that will guide you through meditation and mindfulness. They have several different series that you can select from to pick what you need most help with. As time passes you can track your progress and see all the improve you are making!

The best part about this app is that you only need 10 minutes a day to get started!

2. Happify – Activities & Games for Stress & Anxiety

This is one of my favorite apps! They start you off on your journey by asking you questions about your life to help cater the app to your needs. They give you the option to use the app on private mode which lets you play the app without being in the community or you can use it on community mode which lets you share your progress with others and communicate with others. My favorite part is the free play section that help you combat your negative thoughts!

This is a great app, which offers everything you need to make progress and daily activities to keep you on track!

1. Aura: Mindfulness Daily – Stress & Anxiety Relief

This app is similar to pacifa in terms of the layout, but they have a lot more options for meditation. They have guided mediation for even when your in a good mood! Everyday they ask you how you’re doing and suggest different guided activities based on your mood. Sometimes you only need 3 minutes!

You can use this app whenever you need help sleeping and need some quick relaxation!

I hope you guys enjoyed this list of apps, and I hope you guys find these useful you! Thank you very much!


Welcome to the Optimist Digest!

Hello to everyone reading!

I’ve created the blog to share positivity with the world through my life and experiences.

I plan to share my love for animals, random thoughts, my life in general, and how I overcame a rough childhood and depression. I’m hoping by sharing these thing with the world I could help or inspire other people.

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